OCTOBER 04 - 09, 2021

The mythical Tour de Corse, a World Rally Championship stage born in 1956 belongs to the Corsican automotive heritage.

Driven by a strong will to live its golden age again, Jose Andreani founded the Tour de Corse Historique in 2001. 21 cars were engaged in the first edition and this number has never stopped growing ever since. 

Our race enables us to gather the men and women who have written the great legend of rallyes, as well as gentlemen drivers and co-drivers who wish to gather around the values that rally embodies : competitiveness, passion and friendship. As a consequence, our parcs fermés always turn into open-air museums were passionate people and enthusiasts exchange views.


On schedule of the 21th edition : 18 special stages ! 

A five-day race in a unique atmosphere between competitors and spectators, inside and outside the host cities. It will take place on a new route which is 560 miles long. It includes 220 miles divided into 18 special stages on closed roads and 340 miles of untimed transport stages. 

Each year, our host cities change but always give prominence to the unique and enchanting landscapes that only Corsica has to offer. 

These places are idyllic but provide a necessary rest period, given the fact that both pilots and their machines need to be focused, as well as mechanically and physically engaged on the beautiful yet treacherous Corsican asphalt.


Are eligible for the Competition :
- Historic competition vehicles from 1947 to 1985 with an Historical Technical Passport
- Vehicles of the group « Classic of competition » from 1977 to 1981 with 3 parts passport
- Competition vehicles of the J2 period (1986 to 1990) with an HTP

Are eligible for the Regularity :
- Vehicles from 1947 to 1990, four averages to choose (High - Intermediate - Medium - Low)

Are eligible for the Regularity :

- Vehicles from 1947

Schedule: 5 days / 5 stages (+/- 200 km / day)
Registration fees : 3990,00 euros
Registration fees for the vehicles under 1300cm3 : 3200,00 euros
Number of participants : 250 vehicles maximum



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