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Contents of n° 20 - Special Issue - 96 pages :

- 20 years of the Tour de Corse Historique, a look back at all the editions

- Lancia Stratos, the queen of rallies

- Folder on co-piloting in regularity

- Women in the race

- The R5 Turbo "Tour de Corse".

- Behind the scenes of the Tour : The machine never stops

Magazine 2020

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€6.32Sale Price
  • Let the news be known and let it be known for this 20th edition of the Tour de Corse Historique, the organizing team has published a magazine, which should be kept prominently in its library of memories. A collector's magazine which retraces the great and the small history of TDCH since its first edition in 2001. The opportunity to dive back into versions which have been marked, since the beginning of the 2000s, by the big names in motorsport both in level of pilots than cars. An edition which also gives pride of place to anecdote but also to feats of arms. We are not talking about nostalgia here, but just about the tremendous love that Corsica has for this motor sport and the iconic Tour de Corse.


    The story with a large and a small "h" to find in this magazine with, moreover, a formidable work of research at the level of the photos.


    To consume without moderation.

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